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The Divine Feminine Handbooks and courses will help you remember your divinity, your specialness, your femaleness, and uplift your self-worth so that you will never feel you have to take a back seat to anyone, ever again. You will also learn how to connect with your Inner Goddess, take extreme self-care and be self-reliant in our changing world.

The world needs you to remember your divinity. The Divine Feminine is sacred and loving. There is no need to be afraid or put off when you hear reference to the Divine Feminine. This is not sorcery or an anti-male or anti-God movement in any way. This is a loving, healing, compassionate and creative force which exists within us all. We need to bring our Divine Feminine Energy to all walks of our life and help bring corrective balance to our world.

Whether you are walking down he Goddess path for the first time, or you are already enjoying a sacred relationship with your Divine Feminine self, you will learn how to find and fulfill your personal calling and inner happiness.

Volume I, Overcoming Self-Doubt, was published March 29th.  Volume II, Unleashing Your Inner Goddess, is being edited and formatted and will be released around May 29th. Volume III, Extreme Feminine Self-Care, is expected to be out by July 29th. And lastly Volume IV should follow shortly and be released by September 29th.

"So far I have read the first two books and I just love them. These are going to help so many people. All of my friends have to read these books!"
Sophie G.

"After reading Volume I I was in tears with joy. I felt like I was just given permission to be ME."  Debe M.

"I have been suffering from grief and depression. Reading these books has lifted me up out of the darkness and given me hope to go on."
Myra L.

"All mothers should have their daughters read these books!"
Nicole M.
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